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At K9Kastle, we are big believers that companion animals should be adopted, not purchased, whenever possible. Why? Statistics tell us that around 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States alone, mostly due to owner-surrenders, failure to spay and neuter, and because “how much is that puppy in the window” all too often becomes a sale of a poorly bred and cared for pet.


K9Kastle is working to reduce this number by helping people adopt pets instead of buying them. Each adoption from K9Kastle is a pet saved, as well as a space for a new rescue. That’s two wonderful souls saved, and your own life enhanced by the love of the pet as well as the joy of caring for someone in need. 


Now that you have made the decision to adopt from us, please take a look through our list of available cats and dogs, and see whose photo and description appeal to you. When you inquire, we will tell you if we know any more about the pet, and ask you to complete our application that we process before adoptions are completed. Then, you can arrange to visit these animals—at our Petco stores in Brooklyn where many are in residence, or at our regular Sunday adoption events in Park Slope. In some cases, we can arrange a visit at their foster homes.


A companion animal is a lifetime commitment for the pet (up to 20 years, in fact), so K9Kastle wants to make sure you find the companion that’s right for you.

*Please download the application PDF, fill it out on your computer and save it, then email it back. If you have a Mac, it will not save once you complete it, but you can print it out and scan and email it to us, or fax it to (888) 673-0945.

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