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K9Kastle has many wonderful friends and supporters, and this past Fall, we were fortunate enough to make a very special new friend, Margherita, a veterinarian on a working visit from her home in Florence, Italy.


Margherita stumbled upon us at an adoption event in Manhattan, where she was drawn to the many sweet, formerly at-risk cats and their stories. This chance meeting was just the beginning--Margherita then joined our adoption efforts and participated in our events at least once a week until her return to Italy in time for Christmas. Margherita shared so much of her skill and knowledge, including some special remedies for some of our toughest cat conditions.









In November, Margherita came to us with some very good news--her friends and rescue colleagues in Florence wanted to rescue one cat, and offered bountiful support for this. The group, ENPA (sezione valdamo), and many of its local supporters asked to pull a cat and to support him until his adoption...And that they did! Please meet Bogart, an injured and malnourished 1-year-old whom Margherita identified, went to meet at the shelter, and then took to the vet--all while on the way to help out at an adoption event!!


Margherita's family lives in a town near Florence, which means Margherita has goats, dogs, cats and more. Moving to the city upon her return, she is somewhat more limited, but she was anxious to get back home so she could take the 20-year-old diva who awaited her at her group's foster home. Carrie is one lucky little old lady!


And K9Kastle, too, is very lucky to have met, worked with and befriended Margherita and her wonderful rescuers and supporters back home. We have always had many generous and impassioned supporters in Italy, and now we have even more!


The K9Kastle Italian Connection

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