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This senior cat was dumped at the shelter, abandoned by his owners in his moment of need


Larry was in terrible shape - deathly ill. The senior Maine coon mix has come down with calici virus, a highly contagious virus that deposits ugly ulcers in the mouth, and made eating so painful that Larry lost over 1/3 of his body weight.


K9 Kastle has taken the initiative to give this sweetheart what he needs to survive and live pain free. Larry has been hospitalized and he will need constant medical monitoring to ensure that his anemia does not return and that his weight returns, slowly and steadily. 


A pet isn't just "until I get bored," "until I move," "until I get have a child," or "until he gets sick." A pet is forever, a part of the family. Hendrick & Co. is teaming up with K9 Kastle to give Larry the love he deserves. 

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